Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


The ultimate goal is to uplift our communities and assist in the development of tomorrows doctors, lawyers, engineers and tech entrepreneur


To teach urban communities about the many facets of economics and business. We use incentivized programs to promote education amongst the youth.


1. Entrepreneurship
2. Business Education
3. Online business
4. Donation and volunteerism
6. Technology & education


Jzhamael Kebulon Ashantee

Jzhamael Kebulon Ashantee

Founder and CEO
Marline Opem

Marline Opem

Director (Kenya)
Aulsondro “ Emcee N.I.C.E. “ Hamilton

Aulsondro “ Emcee N.I.C.E. “ Hamilton

Shareef Ali

Shareef Ali

Vice President


URBANOMICS 101 is an American Non-Profit founded by an African American Jzhamael Kebulon Ashantee. 

He founded the organization to teach about financial matters and business. 

Mr Ashantee was inspired by 19th-century icon Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Marcus Garvey preached Pan Africanism and about all African descendants throughout the diasporas reconnecting with Africa and building our own economic infrastructure. 

It is in that spirit that Mr Ashantee has partnered with the NGO Maximum Joy Foundation in Ghana in their effort to feed and conduct classes to help the community learn skills that will help them become self-sustaining. 

Skills like soap making, making sandals, make up. We have educational literature that we will be putting out that is relevant to Ghana. 

URBANOMICS 101 has also partnered with the NGO “ Friends 2 Lean in On “ in Nigeria, together they have given food and supplies to hundreds of people around Lagos. 

URBANOMICS 101 is in Kenya. The mission is simple, it’s all about coming together to solve economic issues resulting from lack of opportunity and poverty and giving everyone “ Hope for the Future “!